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"Anxiety takes us away from what is true and makes us fretful, distrustful, impulsive, and controlling.  In anxiety we rob ourselves of daily living and its experience.  Instead, we try to control our future in order to prevent the recurrence of painful past experiences. 

- Dr. Chip Dodd

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, nearly 40 million Americans (about 18%) suffer from an anxiety related disorder earch year.  The impact of anxiety on one's life, and those they love, can be devistating.  However, there is hope.  Anxiety is treatable.  At the root of every anxious thought lies a fear.  Once our fears are known and responded to, anxiety can subside.  If anxiety has robbed of the experience of daily living and you are ready to explore the underlying fears that trigger it, please call today.


To schedule an appointment, call 662-415-9370. 

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