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I believe that anger is the most powerful emotion we have.  Anger is the emotion that lets us know that something matters to us and gives us the engergy to make change occur.   In many ways anger is like gasoline.  Gasoline can be very dangerous when lit, if not properly contained.  It has the power to destory the things we care most for.  However, gasoline that has been properly harnested in an engine can give us the fuel to accomplish things that 100 years ago would have seemed impossible.   


Anger is also considered a secondary emotion, because another emotion, like fear or hurt, is pushing forth our anger.  Therefore, in order to understand how to properly respond to our anger, we must learn to properly respond to all of our emotions. 


If you are ready to learn how to harnest your anger for good, please call today.


To schedule an appointment, call 662-415-9370.

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